Deploying NI SystemLink on the Alibaba Cloud Elastic Compute Service(ECS)

Updated Oct 21, 2023



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This article will describe the process of deploying NI SystemLink server on the Alibaba Cloud Elastic Compute Service(ECS).

SystemLink is an intelligent Systems and Data Management application software. Designed for engineering use cases, SystemLink software combines focused applications and data services that accelerate time-to-knowledge and time-to-market by leveraging comprehensive real-time information.

Elastic Compute Service (ECS) is a high-performance, stable, reliable, and scalable IaaS-level service provided by Alibaba Cloud. Deploying SystemLink on the ECS will enable you to manage distributed systems and collect measurement data, testing data across regions through wide area network.

Note, as SystemLink is an application software which NI continuous invest, this article will be updated when there are changes in the following new versions. The SystemLink 2020 R3 is the latest version when this article is published.

Checking the Resource Configuration of ECS Instance

  1. Ensure the ECS Instance configuration meets the requirements of SystemLink server, refer to NI SystemLink 2020 R3 Readme - System Requirements for details.

Install SystemLink Server on the ECS Instance

  1. Prerequisite knowledge
  2. Upload SystemLink offline installer to ECS and install it

Setting up SystemLink Server after Installation

  1. Configure NI Web Server on the ECS, refer to NI Web Server 18.2 and Later Manual - Configuring NI Web Server .
  2. Setting up ECS instance security group rules
    • Check required ports based on the add-on you installed, refer to Setting Up a SystemLink Server for port list.
    • Log in to ECS instance console and open the required, refer to External Link: Add security group rules.
    • Note, sometimes the network port may not available after the creation of ECS instance security group rules, please open the 8080 at the same time when you are in this situation.
  3. Test the SystemLink server with the ECS public IP and SystemLink server port which you configured in NI Web Server.

Optional Steps for Connecting Remote Sources to Enhance Scalability and Fault Tolerance