LabVIEW VI Server access is not enabled DETT

Updated Nov 24, 2020

Issue Details

I am trying to do remote debugging of an application using the Desktop Execution Trace Toolkit, however, every time I configure DETT to connect to a remote application it will show me up the following message: 

I am configuring the VI server on my project, why is DETT still showing me up this message?


When using LabVIEW you can create multiple instances of VI server. You can create a VI Server instance per each LabVIEW project you create. For instance you can create multiple executables and run a VI Server instance on each one.
There is a VI Server instance for LabVIEW Development enviroment. This particular instance is the one that you require to enable in order to make DETT operate with remote applications.
  1. In order to enable it you can open LabVIEW click on Tools>>Options>>VI Server and look for the TCP/IP Checkbox and check it.
  2. Then you should scroll down and on the Machine Access Section make sure to add the IPs you are going to allow access to for example for localhost.


Additional Information

On the application side you require to do a similar procedure with the VI server. Check on Enabling Desktop Execution Trace Toolkit to Remotely Debug a LabVIEW Executable for more information.