Install Ocean Optics USB Drivers

Updated Nov 24, 2020

I am trying to install the LabVIEW certified drivers for my ocean optics 2000 4000 usb device. How do I achieve this?

1. Required Software

Some software components need to be installed before using this instrument driver. Minimum versions of these components are listed below, and can be downloaded from the Download Site. 

VISA 5.0 or later 
LabVIEW 8.2.1 or later
Instrument specific INF file (This file is provided with this driver) 

2. Installation Instructions
  1. Download the driver files from the instrument driver network
  2. Go to Program Files>>National Instruments>>LabVIEW>>instr.lib>>Ocean Optics 2000 4000>>VISA_USB
  3. Select the folder for the model of instrument you are using.
  4. For Windows Vista and Windows 7, use the INF file with _vista in the file name (eg.Ocean Optics USB4000_vista.inf). For XP, use the other INF file.
  5. To install, right click and select Install.
  6. Go to the your windows device manager right-click on the Ocean optics driver and select Update Driver software. Select the new driver that you saved under the instr.lib folder
  7. Reboot your system
  8. NI MAX should be able to detect this instrument after installing the INF file.

Additional Information

If you are having issues with your install, please contact Ocean Optics technical support .