Disabling User Management in TestStand

Updated Nov 1, 2023



  • TestStand

  • I do not want TestStand to enforce user management on my machine.  Can I bypass or disable TestStand user management?
  • How do I automatically log into TestStand? 

There are two options to disable TestStand user management:

Disable Login dialog and automatically login as administrator:
  1. Make sure that the default administrator user exists in the TestStand User Manager and has full administrator privileges.
  2. To ensure that you can revert any changes made by following the steps in this KnowledgeBase article, browse to <TestStand>\Components\Callbacks\FrontEnd and copy FrontEndCallbacks.seq and remaining contents of the folder to <TestStand Public>\Components\Callbacks\FrontEnd.
  3. In TestStand, open FrontEndCallbacks.seq from the new location that you copied it to in step 2.
  4. In the sequence file, select the LoginLogout Sequence.
  5. Right-click the Login step and select Run Mode >> Skip to disable the default login dialog.
  6. Add a new Statement step below the Login step and name it Login as administrator.
  7. Set the expression of the Statement step to: RunState.Engine.CurrentUser = RunState.Engine.GetUser("administrator")
  8. This will set the "administrator" user as the current user in TestStand. 
  9. This step should only run when TestStand is logging in, so set the Precondition to: !Parameters.logout
  10. Save the FrontEndCallbacks.seq sequence file.
  11. The next time TestStand is launched, the administrator user will be automatically logged in.

Automatically login using a Windows username:
  1. Login to TestStand as an Administrator
  2. Go to Configure >> Station Options >> User Manager and select Automatically Login Windows System User.
  3. Go to View»User Manager to display the current TestStand users.
  4. If necessary, create a new user with the desired windows username. (Note that the TestStand user's password does not need to be the same as the Windows user's password.)
  5. When this Windows user launches TestStand, TestStand will automatically login using his/her username.

Additional Information

TestStand uses the LoginLogout sequence of the FrontEndCallbacks.seq sequence file to log users in and out. You can modify the sequence such that TestStand will automatically login as the administrator (or as any other user). This is accomplished through the first method.

If the TestStand User Manager defines a username that is identical to the username currently logged into Windows, TestStand can automatically login as that user. This is done in the second method.