How Do I Programmatically Retrieve My Computer ID?

Updated Aug 23, 2021


Operating System

  • Windows

How can I programmatically retrieve my Computer ID used by NI Licensing without using NI License Manager?

The Computer ID is calculated by generateComputerId.exe. You can run this executable manually, e.g. from the Windows Command Prompt.

The executable is located at <National Instruments>\Shared\License Manager\bin\.

If you download Volume License Manager, you can also found generateComputerId.exe in Volume License Manager folder. For example: C:\Program Files (x86)\National Instruments\Volume License Manager

Once the Command prompt is open, you can e.g. drag and drop the executable into it and press Enter.

If you wish to retrieve the Computer ID from your LabVIEW application program, you can use System to run the executable.

Additional Information

Make sure you do not run the executable by itself, Windows will close the automatically-opened Command Prompt window after the executable has finished, therefore you will not be able to see the ID generated.

You can also use this executable as a step in automating NI software activation. Reference the related links below for more information.