How Do I Get the Position of My Cursor on a Waveform Graph?

Updated Dec 15, 2022



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This article shows how to check the current position value of the Waveform Graph cursor by using the property node of the Waveform Graph.

In order to get the cursor position of the Waveform Graph, you may use the Cursor List property.

  1. On the block diagram of your VI, right click the Waveform Graph and select Create » Reference, and place the created Reference Node on the block diagram.
  2. Place a Property Node on the block diagram and connect it to the Waveform Graph Reference Node.
  3. From the dropdown list of the Property Node, select Cursor List. The Cursor List is an array of all the cursors on the Waveform Graph. Each cursor is represented by a cluster of the X and Y position data.
  4. Connect the output of the Cursor List to a For Loop to process the cursors one by one.
  5. Place an Unbundle By Name node in the For Loop, and connect it to the Cursor List cluster.
  6. Drag the bottom frame of the Unbundle By Name node to make room for two outputs. Click on each output and select Position » X, and Position » Y. You can now choose to output the positions as arrays of all the cursor X and Y positions.

Refer to the image below for details.