Play A Waveform from RFmx Waveform Creator With an USRP

Updated Nov 17, 2022

Issue Details

I would like to play a waveform I created with RFmx Waveform Creator with my USRP, but it seems that the device does not appear in the devices list, why ?


RFmx cannot detect the USRP as it is a driver for VST and VSG instruments.

To play a waveform from RFmx Waveform Creator with your USRP, you need :

  1. Save the waveform on the disk as a TDMS file using the Save Waveform File menu
  2. Extract the waveform from the file using niRFSGPlayback Read Waveform from File
  3. Extract the generation parameters using the VIs located inside the Utility palette of the library
  4. Use this waveform and these parameters to play the data with the NI-USRP driver