Updating a Component's SPICE Model in Multisim

Updated Nov 17, 2023



  • Multisim 12.0 Full
  • Multisim 13.0.1 Full
  • Multisim 14.1 Full
  • Multisim 14.0 Full

How can I update or replace the SPICE model of a component that is into my database?

1.  Go to Tools » Database » Database Manager. Find the component, select it and click Edit.
2. In the Component Properties, go to the Model tab. Delete the current models by clicking on Delete a model.

3. Then click Add/Edit to add the new model. Select User database under Database Name. Click on Add and enter the name of the new model. In the Model data area, paste the new model. Click Save. Click Yes in the pop-up.

4. Click Select in the Select a Model window. You will now see the new Model in the Model tab. Click OK. You will be prompted about where you want to save the Component.

You can now use the Component with the new SPICE Model.