Set Up a Microsoft Data Link File (UDL) Through LabVIEW

Updated Jul 11, 2023



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A Microsoft Data Link file (.udl), also known as a Universal Data Link file, is required when using the Database Connectivity Toolkit to access the database. I know how to create this file in Windows, but how do I set this up in LabVIEW?

Follow these steps to set up a Data Link file in LabVIEW:
  1. Select Tools»Create Data Link.... This will launch the Data Link Properties window.
  2. Under the Provider tab, select the Database Management System (DBMS) you want to communicate with. Click Next.
  1. Under the Connection tab, fill out the name, location, username, and password for the specific Data Source to connect to. This information is unique to the specific Data Source.
  1. If you need to log into the server make sure to mark the following options:
  1. You can click Test Connection to test the UDL you will create.
  2. You can change the timeout values and Advanced Permissions on the Advanced and All tabs.
  3. Click OK to complete the setup.
  4. Enter a name for the UDL, and click OK to save the UDL.
For help creating a UDL file outside of LabVIEW, see Creating a Microsoft Data Link file (.UDL) for Connecting to a Database in LabVIEW .