Add All of My SubVIs to a LabVIEW Project at Once

Updated Dec 20, 2022



  • LabVIEW

I want to create a project for an application that I have previously written. Is there a way for me to quickly add the VIs that my main VI depends on?
My VIs are under the dependencies section in the project explorer, I want to move them under my computer but I have 100s of them, which takes long time If I am dragging and dropping them.

Adding all of a main VI's subVIs to a project is accomplished by going through the following steps:
  1. Create a new project by selecting File>>New Project from the menu or selecting Empty Project from the LabVIEW splash screen.
  2. Right click on My Computer and select Add File. Navigate to the top level VI of your program and select Add File.
  3. Once the top level VI is added, right click on Dependencies from the Project Explorer and select Refresh. All of the VIs that support the main VI will be listed.
  1. Highlight all of the dependent files and drag and drop them under My Computer.
  2. ​Save your project
If you want to move many VIs from the Dependencies section to be under My Computer you can add them by right clicking on My Computer and select Add File then select all of the SubVIs you want to add. This takes less time than moving them by dragging and dropping each SubVI from the Dependencies section to the My Computer Section.