I Have Pass With Warning Executing the CA144 Test of the EMVCo PICC Analog

Updated Dec 16, 2020

Reported In


  • Micropross Accessories


SW : EMVCo PICC Analog test suite version 3.0.5 (And later)


Issue Details

When I'm executing the test case CA 144, I have :
What is the problem ?


This test suite is checking DUT is compliant with the EMVCo Contacless Specification in an analog point of view. The Specification mentions that the transaction will considered as successful when the PICC answers all transaction sequences with each Response APDU containing a status word equal to 0x90 0x00. That's why you got a Pass to this test.

The warning is due to the wrong value of FWI. In order to verify the frame content, the EMVCo Contactless PICC Digital can be used and give a different verdict.

Additional Information

The EMVCo PICC Digital test suite and the EMVCo PICC Analog test suite are compliant with the EMVCo Contacless Specification.

The EMVCo specification defines that a FWI > 7 is out of specification. This requirement is checked in the digital test suite (CA001, CB001).
However NI considers that checking the FWI is not an acceptance criteria in the analog test tool, therefore no FAIL verdict is given.
The verdict "pass with warning" informs the operator of an irregularity of the CUT.