How to Install VI Package Manager Packages Offline

Updated Nov 23, 2020



  • JKI VI Package Manager

I want to install some packages in VI Package Manager (VIPM) on a computer that has no access to internet. Is there a way to install VIPM packages offline?

Yes. Follow the step by step instructions below in order to install VIPM packages onto a PC without internet access.
Note: You will need another computer with internet access to carry out the following processes.

On your PC with internet access:
  1. In VIPM, right-click the package that you need and select Download... if the option is available. If not, that means you have either downloaded or installed the package already.

Note: If the package contains sub-packages or dependencies, you will need to find and copy those related files from the cache folder as well. Check the summary of contents in your package for reference by either installing or uninstalling the package.

  1. Go to <ProgramData>\JKI\VIPM\cache and copy all the .vip files with corresponding package names.

On your PC without internet access:
  1. Copy the corresponding .vip files to this PC.
  2. In VIPM, select File>>Open Package File(s), then browse to all the files you copied and add them for installation.

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