What Probes Can I Use With My VirtualBench Scope?

Updated Dec 19, 2023

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  • VirtualBench All-in-One Instrument
  • Oscilloscope Probe

Issue Details

I have a VirtualBench All-In-One Instrument and need to buy additional probes for my oscilloscope.

I want to replace my accessory probe for my VirtualBench All-In-One Instrument.


NI's recommendation is to always use the accessory probe included with the VirtualBench All-In-One Instrument.

The following table shows the compatible NI oscilloscope probes for each VirtualBench All-In-One Instrument model.

Oscilloscope Probes and VirtualBench All-In-One Instrument Compatibility
Passive Probes---
CP400XFully compatibleFully compatibleFully compatible
CP500XFully compatibleFully compatibleFully compatible
SP200BFully compatibleFully compatibleNot compatible
SP500CFully compatible (1)Fully compatible (1)Fully compatible (1)
SP500XFully compatibleFully compatibleFully compatible
Active Probes---
SA1000XLimited RangeLimited RangeLimited Range
SA1500XLimited RangeLimited RangeLimited Range
SA2500XLimited RangeLimited RangeLimited Range
Fully compatible: The probe will be compatible with the VirtualBench oscilloscope bandwidth and voltage range.
Limited Range: The probe voltage limit is lower than the VirtualBench, the complete oscilloscope bandwidth will be used.
Not compatible: The probe is not compatible with the oscilloscope bandwidth.

Note (1): Due to the 1:100 SP500C attenuation ratio, the bandwidth using this probe could be limited