Simulating a LabVIEW Speaker and Microphone in NI Multisim

Updated Nov 7, 2023




I placed a LabVIEW microphone and speaker in a Multisim schematic, but nothing happens when I run the simulation.  How do I use these LabVIEW instruments?

To use the microphone and speaker follow these steps:
  1. Place a LabVIEW microphone by selecting Simulate»Instruments»LabVIEW Instruments»Microphone
  2. Double-click the microphone, set the parameters, then click Record Sound. The Record Sound button will be greyed out while the instrument is recording. Once it is finished, the button will be enabled
  3. Build a Multisim circuit.  The data from the microphone will be used as an input source to the circuit
  4. Select Simulate»Interactive Simulation. End Time should be the same or greater than the duration you set in the microphone settings
  5. Simulate the circuit by selecting Simulate»Run or click the Run icon
  6. Place a LabVIEW speaker by selecting Simulate»Instruments»LabVIEW Instruments»Speaker
  7. Double-click the LabVIEW speaker.  While the simulation is running, the Play Sound button is greyed out to indicate it is acquiring data from the Multisim circuit
  8. Once the simulation end time has been reached, the simulation will stop and the Play Sound button will be enabled
  9. Click the Play Sound button and you should hear the signal from your computer speaker

Additional Information

Multisim is not a real-time simulator; you cannot acquire data from the microphone, simulate that data, and then output to the speaker at the same time.