Measure Circuit Impedance in Multisim

Updated Nov 8, 2022



  • Multisim 12.0.1 Full

I am trying to find the circuit impedance in Multisim and I do not see an option to measure impedance in any of the instruments. Is there a way to find the circuit impedance in Multisim?

You can measure the circuit impedance by using the Single Frequency AC Analysis or if you want to find the impedance over a range of frequencies, you can use the AC Analysis. Multisim allows you to add expression in the analyses and the expression to find impedance is:
Z = V / I
Before you launch the analysis, place a probe on the wire where you want to calculate impedance, it will give you access to both current and voltage at the same point.

The following steps are for the Single Frequency AC Analysis:
  • From the main menu select Simulate»Analyses»Single Frequency AC Analysis
  • Select the Output tab 
  • Click on the Add expression button
  • Enter the expression V/I is the Expression box then click the OK button
  • Select the Frequency Parameters tab
  • Click on the Auto-detect button if you want Multisim to use the frequency from the schematic signal source, otherwise, enter the frequency you want
  • You can select Magnitude/Phase or Real/Imaginary as the output format then click the Simulate button
  • The result will display on the Grapher View