How to Use a Training Membership or Redeem Training Credits

Updated Mar 7, 2023

Whether you are ready to enroll now or preparing for the future, NI offers a variety of cost-effective purchasing options to best meet your time, budget, and personal learning preferences. Membership and Training Credits allow you to purchase now, then enroll in a course at a later date with the following processes.

Purchasing Options

NI Training & Certification Membership: One Price, Unlimited Options

The one-year Training Membership provides unlimited access for a specific individual to courses and exams available in several delivery formats to accommodate your time constraints and personal learning preferences. 

A reference number for your NI Training & Certification Membership will be provided to you for use when registering for a training course or certification exam.


NI Training Credits: Purchase Now, Schedule Later

NI Education Service Credits are designed for individuals and companies that want to purchase Classroom or Virtual training courses or certification exams but need the flexibility to decide who participates in the training and on what date. NI Training Credits are valid up to one year from the date of purchase, can be redeemed for any training or certification offering during that time, and can be applied to anyone, not just the purchaser, anywhere in the country of purchase. 

When you purchase training credits, you will receive an order number that you can redeem for the given number of courses or exams.


Enrolling in a Training Course with Membership or Credits

At the time of your Membership or Training Credits purchase, you will receive a sales acknowledgement either by email, telephone or online. This acknowledgement will include a seven-digit order number which is your new Membership ID or Training Credits number. You will need to reference this ID number along with the class details, your name, and your company when you are ready to enroll in a training course.

You can enroll in any class or exam in three ways: by emailing services@ni.comby phone, or online at .

NOTE: We recommend contacting NI directly through email or phone. Enrolling in a course online, as described below, requires a credit card to reserve a seat in the course. Ultimately, the credit card will not be charged, but when you complete your purchase, a hold is placed on your credit for the total cost of the course. This hold remains until the first day of the course.

Enrolling in a course on

  1. Review the course listings online and select the course. For virtual and classroom training courses, review the Scheduled Virtual and Classroom Training Courses page to determine location and dates desired. You will have the opportunity to review the course details and then “Add to Cart.” If you are interested in enrolling in additional courses, continue shopping; however, seats for the selected courses will be not guaranteed until after checkout when the order is placed.

  2. When you are ready check out, review the course information in your online cart, including the number of seats (QTY), and “Proceed to Checkout.”

  3. To complete your enrollment after your purchase, please submit this form or contact Customer Service at 1-888-484-4436 to apply Education Service Credits for your order.


Course Cancellation/Reschedule Policy

If you need to cancel or reschedule a course, please call your local Training and Certification Department. A Cancellation/Reschedule fee may apply. Please refer to the Training and Certification Terms and Conditions document for additional information.