Install NI Driver Runtimes 19.0 and Later

Updated Nov 18, 2020



  • Package Manager

  • There is not a runtime option or edition I can select on a NI Driver Download page. Are they still available for download?
  • How do I install only the runtime of a NI driver? 

Driver runtimes are still available. As of 2019, NI driver runtimes are bundled and selectable within the full driver installer.
  1. On the NI Driver Download page, select your desired Supported OS and Version for the driver. The Included Editions is set to Full for driver versions 19.0 and later. Click Download.
  2. Launch the NI Package Manager download.
  3. On the Select tab of the installer, click Deselect All if you are only interested in the driver runtime and nothing else.

  1. (Optional) Select NI Certificates Installer. When NI Certificates are installed. no Windows security popups appear for installers that have a valid NI digital signature.


  1. Click Next.
  2. On the Review tab, verify the runtime support is included.
  1. Click Next. NI Package Manager proceeds to install the selected items on the system.
  2. Once complete, reboot the system. You now have the driver runtime installed on the system.  


Additional Information

If you need to install a driver runtime version for deployment purposes, you can 1. include the driver runtime in a LabVIEW installer if you are distributing a LabVIEW application or 2. include the driver runtime in an installer built by Package Builder. An installer will allow you to install the driver runtime without the need for NI Package Manager on computers without internet access.