Uninstall or Remove a Disconnected License File in VLM

Updated Sep 26, 2023



  • Volume License Manager
  • Volume License Manager 2.1

I have been utilizing a disconnected license file with NI Volume License Manager (VLM) while my machine has been disconnected from the network.  Now, I'm ready to reconnect to the network and receive license permission from my server machine. How do I deactivate a disconnected license? Does the license file need to be deleted? How do I uninstall or remove my disconnected license file and recover, recall or reclaim it?

If you need help reconnecting a disconnected license file, see the article Reconnecting Disconnected Users or Computer

To uninstall a disconnected license file, use the following process:

For NI License Manager 4.X and later
  1. Open NI License Manager.
  2. Navigate to the Local Licenses tab.
  3. Find in the list the license that you want to uninstall.
  4. Right-click on the permission and select Uninstall. 
  5. Review and confirm the permissions that will be removed and select Yes

For NI License Manager 3.X
  1. Open NI License Manager
  2. Navigate to the Local Licenses tree
  3. Find and expand a product that you received permissions for as part of the disconnected license file
  4. Right-click on the permission and select Uninstall License File. 
  5. Review and confirm the permissions that will be removed and select OK.

At this point, the disconnected license file has been uninstalled and you can proceed by reconnecting to your VLM server.  Follow the instructions in the VLM training manual