Show TestStand Pass Fail Status in LabVIEW UI

Updated Jul 26, 2021



  • TestStand

I would like to customize my LabVIEW User Interface (UI) to have a LED that shows green when the Test Sequence passes or red when fails.

  1. Add a Statement step to MainSequence at the end of the Main Step Group in TestStand and insert the following expression to the Expression text box.
    • RunState.Thread.PostUIMessageEx(10101, !RunState.SequenceFailed? 1:0 ,"", Nothing, False)
  1. Go to your LabVIEW TestStand UI project.
    • Note: In this example we are using the example LabVIEW Simple UI from <TestStand Public>\UserInterfaces\Simple\LabVIEW\Source Code\Build Script.lvproj. You should implement this in your own custom UI.
  1. Launch the Top-Level VI.
  2. Add a boolean LED and name it accordingly, for example, Overall UUT Status.
  1. Go to the Block Diagram, by pressing Ctrl + E, and change the case selector label to Register Event Callbacks case.
    1. Expand Reg Event Callbacks.
    2. Right click VI Ref, then select Create Callback VI.
  1. Double click the Callbacks VI, edit it as below then return back to Top-Level VI. 
  1. In the Top-Level VI Block Diagram, change the case selector label to Handle Events case and edit it as below.
    • Connect the global variable, Boolean, to Overall UUT Status terminal.