How to Make a Dialog Box That Can Select to Start Test or Exit Test in TestStand ?

Updated Nov 17, 2020



  • TestStand

I want to make a dialog box that can select Start test to run the main step and Exit test to skip the main step and go to cleanup step. How can I do that in TestStand ?


To be able to do that, follow the steps below : 
  1. Right click at Setup Step > Insert Step > select Message Popup .
  2. Find the Text and Buttons at Step Settings for Message Popup and follow the setting like the picture below : 
  1. Set the Title Expression, Message Expression and Button Label Expression that you need to display at Message Popup, then choose the button option. Set the Default Button and Active Control to be button 1, and Cancel Button to be button 2.
  2. Find Properties at Step Settings for Message Popup, then select Post Action properties. Set the Post Action properties like the picture below :
  1. Set On Condition True to Goto next step and On Condition False to Goto Step then select Cleanup step. Select Use Custom Condition and set expression variable to Step.Result.ButtonHit ==1. This mean if the Start test button is select it will go to next step and if Exit button is select it will go to the cleanup step and skip the main step in Teststand program.