How to Configure Y-Axis Scale in 2D Axis Graph of DIAdem

Updated Nov 17, 2020



  • DIAdem

How to configure Y-axis scale for each channel in 2D Axis graph of DIAdem?

You can set the Y-axis scale each channel by following the sequence below.

1. Double-click the 2D Axis System to open the 2D Axis System - Display popup as shown below.

2. In the 2D Axis System - Display popup, Click the Curve related in Scaling session.
3. And then, Scaling is enabled in the Curve list. Click the Scaling menu and select Edit as shown blow.

4. If you select Edit, the Curve-Related Scaling pop-up will appear as shown below and add New Entry.
5. click the Mode item and select Manual.
6. You can configure the Y axis scale by setting the Begin and End values.