Maximum Throughput on the NI cDAQ-9188 or cDAQ-9188XT

Updated Aug 3, 2023



  • cDAQ-9188

These devices have gigabit Ethernet capabilities, but I am I not achieving maximum throughput. How can I configure them for this?

The NI cDAQ-9188/9188XT is a gigabit Ethernet device (GbE, GigE), but in order to take advantage of the full throughput, there are a few items that must be ensured.
  • Every component on the network must support gigabit Ethernet.  This includes all cables, switches, and routers between the cDAQ-9188/9188XT and the PC.
  • Jumbo Frames must be enabled.  Typically, Ethernet devices transmit packets which are 1500 bytes in size.  Enabling jumbo frames increases the number of bytes transferred at a time from 1500 to 9000 bytes.  This increases the amount of data that is passed over the network and reduces the TCP overhead. Again all components in the network must support Jumbo Frames.
To enable Jumbo Frames:
  1. Open up Windows Device Manager, then select Network adapters, and open up your network card properties
  2. Select the Advanced tab, Under the property list box, select Jumbo Packet
  3. After selecting Jumbo Packets, you will see a pull-down menu to the right specifying the size of packets. Select a packet size of 9014. Your PC will now be able to receive the large Jumbo Frames packets.

Additional Information

To test the benefits of using Jumbo Frames you could add cDAQ benchmarking to an example in LabVIEW using the "Simple TCP.lvproj." This example can be found by selecting Help»Find Examples. Then under the Browse tab, navigate into Networking»TCP &UDP »Simple TCP.lvproj