How to Use 3D Graph Control(Active X) in Measurement Studio?

Updated Jun 5, 2023



  • Measurement Studio

Operating System

  • Windows

Programming Language

  • Visual Basic .NET

I am using Measurement Studio with Visual Basic and want to use 3D Graph Control(Active X) However, I was not able to find 3D Graph Control in Toolbox. Where can I find 3D Graph Control?

You can normally find controls under Measurement Studio tab in ToolBox. However, if you want to use Active X Controls, you need to add the components to References. 3D Graph Control is one of Active X Controls.

To use Active X Controls, follow these steps.
1. Right-Click on Visual Basic Application and click Properties like below Figure 1.

Figure 1. Visual Basic Application

2. Select Reference tab and click Add button like below Figure 2.

Figure 2. Properties of Visual Basic Application

3. In the Reference Manager, select COM
4. Check National Instruments CW 3D Graph 8.0, and then click OK like below Figure 3.

Figure 3. Reference Manager

5. Check CW3DGraphLib like below Figure 4.

Figure 4. Selecting  CW3DGraphLib in  Properties of Visual Basic Application

6. In the Toolbox, Right-Click the General and click Choose Items like below Figure 5.

Figure 5. Toolbox

7. In the Choose Toolbox Items select COM Components and check CWGrah3D Control (National Instruments)
  Check two components with the same name and click OK like below Figure 6.

Figure 6. Choose Toolbox Items

8. Now you can use 3D Graph Control by dragging from the General tab like below Figure 7.

Figure 7. General Tab