NI-9881 CANopen Module in cRIO-906x Chassis

Updated Apr 20, 2023



  • NI-9881
  • cRIO-9066
  • cRIO-9068
  • cRIO-9064
  • cRIO-9065
  • cRIO-9063

I want to use NI-9881 CANopen module and other C-Series Modules in cRIO-906x chassis.
However, NI-MAX can not detect NI-9881 when I create a LabVIEW project file with the configuration below. 
Real-Time Scan Resources: NI-9881 CANopen Module
FPGA Devices : C-Series Modules. 
(I have compiled empty vi with is under FPGA target.)

I was able to see NI-9881 after the compilation when I used it with cRIO-907x chassis.

Can NI-9881 be used with cRIO-906x chassis? If Yes, how can I use it?  

Yes, you can use NI-9881 with cRIO-906x chassis.
You can follow the steps below. 
1. Add NI-9881 under Real-Time Scan Resources.
2. Add C-Series Modules, which you wish to use, under FPGA Target.
3. Make sure that Chassis is in LabVIEW FPGA Interface Mode.
Right Click Chassis(cRIO-906x) >> Property >>LabVIEW FPGA Interface.
4. Compile the under FPGA Target.
Please refer Getting Started with NI-Industrial Communications for CANopen for the details. 
6. Deploy.
Right Click  Chassis(cRIO-906x) >> Deploy
7. Now you can see the NI-9881 in MAX.