How Do I Perform a Loopback Test with NI-XNET Device?

Updated Nov 17, 2020



  • CANopen Interface Device



  • I want to test my NI-XNET card to see if the ports are working correctly.  Is there a loopback test I can perform?
  • I have a two-port XNET device. Can I use one of the ports to listen to the other?

Unlike with serial boards, a loop-back cannot be performed on the same port. However you can perform a loop-back test using the the Loopback that can be found through the Example Finder.  This VI works with any XNET device. To perform a loop-back test on your NI-XNET device, follow these instructions.
  1. Connect the 2 ports of your NI-XNET device together using an appropriate cable
  2. Open LabVIEW and select Help » Find Examples...
  3. Next navigate to the Search tab and search for Loopback.

     4. Open this CAN Loopback and run the program.