Customize UUT Information Dialog Box in TestStand

Updated Apr 12, 2023



  • TestStand 2017
  • TestStand

I would like to customize the UUT Information Dialog Box in TestStand to add a part number entry or other information.

You have two options to customize the UUT Information Dialog Box.

Solution 1: Create your own custom dialog box.
  1. Create your own dialog box in any language to retrieve information for use in TestStand. Use this LabVIEW tutorial  for creating quality dialog boxes for reference.
  2. After creating the dialog box code module, call it as an action step wherever you wish to input UUT information. In the shipping Sequential, Batch, and Parallel process models, the default UUT popup is placed in the DoPreUUT sequence. (Located in Sequence File Callbacks > PreUUT)
Solution 2: Customize the existing UUT Information Dialog Box
  1. Navigate to the TestStandModels directory in the TestStand public directory. If you haven't already, you will need to copy the TestStandModels folder from <TestStand>\Components\NI\Models\TestStandModels\ to <TestStand Public>\Components\Models\.
  2. Open the modelsupport2.prj LabWindows/CVI project. This file contains the source code to modelsupport2.dll, which contains the code for the default UUT information dialog box.
  3. Once opened, select the modelpanels.uir. You can customize the user interface of the UUT dialog box here.
  4. To change the code of the dialog box, modify the DisplayUUTInformationDialog() function within uutdlg.c.
  5. To modify the text of the UUT Dialog box, comment out the appropriate function call for the resource string you are trying to modify in the 'Get internationalized strings' section (lines 47-55) of uutdlg.c.
    • This will prevent the .dll from fetching the default string from a .ini file within your Program Files folder. Instead, it will use the string that you entered on the modelpanels.uir page.