Convert DLL to VI in LabVIEW

Updated Nov 17, 2020



  • LabVIEW

How to convert the function in DLL to LabVIEW VI?

To convert DLL to LabVIEW VI, both *.dll and *.h are necessary. If both *.dll and *.h are obtained, please follow steps below to convert DLL to LabVIEW VI.
  1. To use shared library converter in LabVIEW for creating driver library, Import shared library by selecting Tools > Import > Shared Library in either front panel or block diagram.
  1. Create VI for a shared library by choosing "Create VIs for a shared library" and click "Next".
  1. Choose the DLL file and header file and click "Next".
  1. Configure Include Paths and Preprocessor Definition.
  1. Click "Check All" to choose all of the functions and click "Next".
  1. The "Configure VIs and Controls" page would shown then and click "Next".
  1. Choose "Simple Error Handling" in the Error Handling Mode to return error automatically when executing the code and click "Next".​​​​​​​
  1. After converting, the VI could be used in block diagram.