How to Configure MVPI to Run My Production Test?

Updated Jan 12, 2021

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SW : MVPI Version 1.54.4 (and Later) / MPManager 3.8.2 (and Later) / MPUpdate version 5.0.9

HW : MP300

Issue Details

How to configure MVPI and make it functional for production testing?


Download and install the following items :
- MPManager
- MPUpdate 5.0.9

To use the download center, refer to this kb : How to Use the NI NFC Download Center ?

Using MPUpdate, upload the last version of the SorbServer application in all of your device motherboard.

Follow this KB to apply the upload procedure :
Update all devices with the last firmware version. You can refer to the MP300 folder on the download center to find your device type.

Follow this KB to apply the firmware update procedure :
How to Update the Firmware Version of My Device Using MPManager ?

In MVPi, select the production machine in the Config tab then in Option :

Click on Handler PC Parameter. In the Test Handler field, select the machine you are using. Usually, it is a Muhlbauer machine connected in TCP/IP : 

Enter the correct IP adress of the machine in the Base IP adress field and select the Port used in the field Port to open. The default port is set to 10000 :

As preliminary information, you will need the IP adresses of your MP300 testers. You can have the IP adress using MPManager software (Version 3.8.2 and Later).

Under Config menu, click on the Define Couplers Configuration button : 

A new window appears : 

For each head (up to 128) that is going to be active during the production cycle, add a new line in this window. For each line, check the checkbox, the IP address and coupler number of the tester. If more than 32 heads are available, select the next tabs “Heads 33-64”, “Heads 65-96”, “Heads 97-128” to enter the information.

It is possible to copy the configuration of a single head, to several.  Choose the parameters you want to copy, by checking or unchecking the options :

Click on OK.
Note that those settings are persistent from one session to another, which means that if you reboot the host computer MVPi runs on, the settings will remain as they were before the reboot.

Under the Config menu, click on the Define Tests & Libraries item.

A new window appears :

It is required to have a compiled test script program (file extension: exb). You can create your own embedded application.

For each head that will be active, select the test which will be executedin the Binary file field.
The EmergencySorb.exb is the default one and is located under the MVPi installation directory.
Select the Module number and Method Id inside the executable binary file that will be executed. 

If you have activated the sampling mode, you are able to select a sampling method that will be used as the alternative method in sampling mode execution. To activate the sampling mode, click on Option button in the Config menu :

In the Sampling tab, tick the Activate Test Sampling option : 

You can now launch a production test. Refer to this kb : How to Launch a Production Test Using MVPi?

Additional Information

1) The “Count Goods” parameter is to decide wether the pass results of this specific head have to be taking into account in the overall chip counter, or not. For example, if a machine is configured to test dual chips Contact / ContactLess, in which the chip is first tested by a contact tester, and then a contactless teste, it might be interesting to not increment the chip counter when the chip has only pass the contact test, but only when it passed the contactless test (meaning both tests has passed).
Note that when “Count Goods” is unticked, fail results on the specified head are taking into account, and increment the global chips counter (assuming a fail here means the chip will not be tested again later on, except on a retry sequence). 

2) It is possible to store a configuration in a file and then use it later. To do that, use the Load Config and Save Config buttons.

3) The Sampling mode allows you to execute a secondary method every n loop iteration. This secondary method is executed only if the main method passes.
The secondary method has to be set.
Sampling Frequency sets the redudancy of the sampling method execution.

4) You can download some embedded application sample following this link.