Uninstalling NI Package Manager

Updated Jul 31, 2023



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  • I would like to remove NI Package Manager from my computer that is running Windows Operating System. How can I do that?
  • I need to delete all the NI software from my computer that is running Windows Operating System to do a clean installation. What is the process for it?

  1. If you would like to uninstall NI Package Manager from your computer the first move is to uninstall all your NI software (including applications and drivers) by following the steps in the Uninstall NI Software or Drivers Using Package Manager article.
  2. When all the NI software is removed navigate to Control Panel>>Programs and Features select NI Package Manager and click on Uninstall
package manager uninstall
  1. A warning message will appear where you can tick the I understand the risk of uninstalling NI Package Manager box then click Next.
package manager 3
  1. Once the removal is complete you will receive a notification message. 
package manager 4

If the Programs and Features is not accessible due to IT company policies, please contact NI Technical Support .