Download Previous Versions of NI Software

Updated Apr 25, 2023

This article contains information on how to download previous versions of NI software and legacy software that are not available on the website. This procedure also applies if you once owned NI's physical media and no longer own it.. This article will also explain how to proceed when the Download button is grayed out and gets the following message:


To download and access older versions of NI software, you must meet at least one of the following requirements:

  • Own an active subscription license  for an NI software product.

  • Have a valid service agreement, which could be SSP included or purchased with a subscription software license or included as part of your Volume License Agreement (VLA).

    • If you have a Volume License Agreement (VLA) or Enterprise Agreement (EA), contact your Software Administrator for an installer or to request to be added to your organization's account to have an active entitlement.
    • If you are a student, contact your Academic Volume License (AVL) Software Administrator for an installer.  
  • You must also have a user account with your software license activated and registered to your account.

Note: If you have an active subscription software license or service agreement and need a version of NI software older than what is available on the NI website, please contact NI support

Alternatively, if you have the installer for the software you need on another computer, you can transfer the installer folder to the target computer and run the installer. You will still need to activate this software.

Refer to Download NI Software for detailed steps to download software from ​​​.


Additional Information

If you bought your software license through a distributor, you may need to follow the instructions in the Transfer an NI Software License to Another User article to set up the license end user correctly.
If you need information about activating older software and you are a single-seat user, please refer to Activating Previous Versions of NI Software for Single Seats.
If you need information about activating older software and you are part of a volume license server, please refer to Activate Older Versions of NI Software with NI Volume License Manager.