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Getting Started With NI Volume License Manager (VLM)

Updated Nov 17, 2022



  • Volume License Manager

NI Volume License Manager (VLM) is the license management tool for our multi-seat license programs which allows you to centrally manage your licenses.

This article will guide you as an administrator with your first steps on NI Volume License Manager (VLM) to set up any of your multi-seat license programs:
  • Academic Volume License – AVL
  • Volume License Agreement – VLA
  • Enterprise Agreement – EA

NI VLM is meant to be hosted on the computer which will be the licensing server to be reached by the client machines (end-users). This server/computer must have successful communication with the client machines through the network.

You will master the basics of NI Volume License Manager by learning how to set up, manage, and use it to activate licenses. The license administrator will not require any previous knowledge to start setting up the server using this document.

If you are using FlexNet Publisher (formerly known as FlexLM), please go to Getting Started with FlexNet Publisher Configuration.

Setting up NI VLM

Each step is organized into a separate how-to article to guide you through each stage of the NI VLM setup. Please review and follow these steps below to start configuring NI VLM and have it operating in an optimal state:


  1. Download and Install NI VLM
    • Download and install NI VLM on a server/computer accessible by the end-users through your network.
  2. Requesting a License File for the server
    • The License File is the file that will rule out what licenses you can manage and how many seats you have based on what you have acquired.
    • You will learn how to request your license file for your licensing server.
  3. Install the License File
    • You will learn how to install your License File once it has been received after requesting it.
  4. Configure Server Settings
    • You will learn how to configure:
      • Ports – Needed to communicate with the server
      • Email – If you want to send automated emails with NI VLM
      • Administrator Information – Shown to all end-users
      • Custom Fields – Information required from the end-users
  5. Adding users for the licenses:
  6. Generate an Activity Compliance Log or VLA Log
    • The VLA Log is a file that contains all the user and host activity for a specified date range.
    • You will be required to provide this information in certain scenarios.

For technical assistance or questions, you can refer to the Volume License Manager (VLM) Troubleshooting Guide. If you run into any issues, you can search the knowledge base for additional resources. You can also open a Support Request to work with our Technical Support team.