PXI ARINC 429 Interface Module Communiction Issue With Third-Party Device

Updated Aug 24, 2021

Reported In


  • PXI ARINC 429 Interface Module
  • PXI Avionics Multiprotocol Interface Module

Issue Details

I have NI PXI ARINC 429 module connected to a third-party device. When I'm writing to or reading from the digital channels I see no data transmitted or received both on PXI ARINC 429 module or third-party device. I use standard LabVIEW examples and to track the digital line I use an oscilloscope connected in parallel to the digital channels.
At the same time, PXI ARINC 429 module works in the selfTestBus-True mode.


Make sure that no other instrument (oscilloscope in our case) is connected to the digital lines between the NI module and the third-party device.
Connected in parallel instruments may affect data transmission because of:
  • Faulty channel of the instrument itself
  • Incorrect grounding of the instrument
Disconnect any other instruments from the digital lines and run the LabVIEW example.
If the issue still persists contact NI technical support.