Moving an InsightCM Server to a New Server Machine

Updated Nov 12, 2020



  • InsightCM

This guide describes how to move an existing InsightCM server’s data and configurations to a new server machine. These steps only apply to InsightCM 3.0 and later versions.

There are two options when moving to a new server: move InsightCM to a new server and remain on the same InsightCM version or move InsightCM to a new server and upgrade InsightCM to a newer version. Steps for both options are given below. In the instructions, Server 1 is the existing InsightCM server, and Server 2 is the new InsightCM server. This guide uses default directory locations, which should be updated to the actual installed directory locations on the existing server.

Before moving InsightCM to a new server machine, see The Data Storage Directory in InsightCM  to review the Data Directory structure of the InsightCM server application. If upgrading versions, see InsightCM Upgrade Process.

Move InsightCM to a New Server

  1. On Server 1, open Windows Services and stop the NI InsightCM 3.X and NI InsightCM MongoDB services to prevent writes to the database.

  2. Navigate to the Data folder and copy the database and files folders to external or network drive to transfer to Server 2. Default locations:

    • Database (All versions): C:\ProgramData\National Instruments\InsightCM 3.0\mongodb\db

    • Files (Additionally for 3.2+): C:\ProgramData\National Instruments\InsightCM 3.0\Files

  3. Run the InsightCM Suite installer on Server 2. On InsightCM 3.0-3.3, point the installer to the folder location of the Data folder on Server 1 when prompted. In InsightCM 3.4+, the database and files directories cannot be specified during installation and will use the default locations specified above.

  4. Stop the NI InsightCM 3.X and NI InsightCM MongoDB services to prevent writes to the database.

  5. Replace the db and Files folders on Server 2 with the db and Files folders from Server 1. Backup the existing folders before replacing them just in case you need to revert back to a clean installation.

  6. Start the NI InsightCM MongoDB service, and the NI InsightCM 3.X service.

Optional: After installation, follow the instructions in this document to change the location of the database and files directories.

Note: If the web application is not loading properly, ensure that the configured path for the Files directory is correct by following the instructions under “Changing the Data File Directory” in this document. If the configured path references a non-existent drive, InsightCM will not start.


Move InsightCM to a New Server and Upgrade

  1. On Server 1, run the InsightCM installer to upgrade to your desired version.

  2. Follow the steps under "Move InsightCM to a New Server" to transfer the data to a new server.