Overload Protection Error During Self Calibration in NI-DCPower

Updated Mar 26, 2024

Reported In


  • NI-DCPower 20.1
  • NI-DCPower 20.5

Issue Details

I am getting Error -1074108422 with Status code -50005 or Error -1074118477 / -1074118475 for Overload Protection while running Self Calibration in NI-DCPower 20.1 or 20.5.


This error is due to a known issue in NI-DCPower 20.1 and 20.5 when running a Self-Calibration while the module has Measurement Autorange enabled at the end of the session. Upgrade to NI-DCPower 20.6 or later to completely resolve the issue.

NI-DCPower 20.5 or 20.1 Workaround
Reset the device before running the Self Calibration. If the error persists after resetting the device before running Self Calibration and you see error -1074108422, with status code -50005, contact NI Support as the module may need be RMA’d.