How to Measure Bluetooth LE/EDR In-band Emission In RFmx BT

Updated Nov 12, 2020

When you used the BT toolkit to measure the BT signal , you could see that BT Analyzer support the LE/EDR in-band emission test. 

But you could find the same function in RFmx BT , and  can not see  related information in help documents .  Does the RFmx BT has the function to support in-band emission ?

The answer is Yes for supporting In-band emissions testing.   RFmx BT had the same function , but the in-band emissions feature is included in ACP measurement. 

1.Before you do measurement , you should generate one BT waveform first.
Carrier Freq: 2442MHz , Packet Type: LE-LR-500K

2.Open RFmx BT personality , choose the ACP Measurement (setting Frequency and Packet info same as SG side)

3.  Change the ACP setting as In-band mode

After change the ACP offset mode as "In-band" , one error "Center Frequency  must equal to 2441MHz for in-band offset channel mode" appeared.

4.Change the Center Frequency as "2441MHz" and set the correct channel number (LE 2442MHz channel number is 20)

5. You could see the instrument status is waiting status

The waiting status is not waiting for trigger,  "waiting" message is displayed by UI to indicate measurement is in progress. for longer measurements, this helps ensure user doesn't get the impression that UI is hung

The In-band emission test result could match to the BT toolkit ;