Creating a Custom Installer with the NI Batch Installer Builder

Updated Aug 17, 2023



  • Batch Installer Builder

Batch Installer Builder lets you build installers that contain NI software from any number of NI products or updates. By adding NI installers to the Batch Installer Builder source library, you can create build specifications that combine your installers into custom bundles that meet your needs.

To build a custom installer, follow the steps outlined below.

  1. Download all of the installers you wish to include from

  2. Add each installer to the Source Installer Library. To do this, select the preferred method of adding the installer per the following options:

    • Add Installer Copy: Installer copies are saved within the library folder in randomly generated folder names for short, unique paths. The original installer is not moved or modified.

    • Add Installer Shortcut: A shortcut to an installer does not move or modify the original installer. If you move the original installer to a different location, the Batch Installer Builder will not be able to locate it. To prevent build errors, you must delete and re-add the shortcut.

    • Add from NI Update Service: Adding a reference to an installer downloaded through NI Update Service does not move or modify the original update installer  


  • Browse for the NI product installer files and click "OK" when done. Note that the installer files must include the setup.exe file.  


  1. Choose "Create" from the left menu to create the specifications for your custom installer. Enter a name for your installer, choose an output directory and add the desired installers from the installer library.


  1. Select "Build" to build your custom installer bundle. The final installer will be available in the output directory you selected.


Additional note:
The NI Batch Installer Builder only works with software released before 2019 as the later versions are using NI Package Manager. For the software that were released after 2019 you should use NI Package Builder