Submit Your Volume License Manager (VLM) 3.x Log File to NI

Updated Oct 7, 2022



  • Volume License Manager

To sign up for benefits, like online training Volume License Manager (VLM) customers need to submit their log file. It is easy, quick and secure.

Why Send in the VLM Log File to NI

There are a few reasons why your company would want or need to send your Volume License Manager (VLM) log file:
  • Any VLM Administrator can benefit by sending in their log file. We use the information to help your end users access critical benefits including technical support and online training.

  • Enterprise Agreement (EA) customers must send in their log file every quarter based on the details of their organizations agreement.

  • We might ask you to send in your log file to help with troubleshooting. 

Sending the VLM Log File

Sending the Volume License Agreement (VLA) Log is easy:

First within NI Volume License Manager, navigate to Tools » Send VLA Log...


Next, choose your Log File and Next >


From there, choose Send VLA Log automatically or Save VLA Log to send it later manually and Send.

  • Automatic will immediately send your log file to National Instruments.  

  • Manual allows you to save your log file to later be sent to

When the wizard completes, choose Finish


Protecting Your Privacy

Because NI is interested in protecting your organizations privacy, the log files are encrypted when created and sent, then decrypted after they arrive at NI. Once a log file is created making changes to the Log File is not possible in VLM 3.1.