How to Download and Install NI Multisim

Updated Jun 21, 2022



  • Multisim

Operating System

  • Windows

This is a step-by-step guide on downloading and installing Multisim (both Educational and Professional Editions). It also works as a reference for the download of an evaluation period as the installer is the same. 

  • Get the Multisim installer. 


    1. Go to the download page of Multisim: Download Multisim.  

    2. Choose the version and edition desired, or the one that you have acquired. 

    3. Click the download button and the download of the software will begin. 

Multisim Download website
  1. The ni-cds-educational_xx_online_repackx.exe file will be downloaded for the Education Edition. For Multisim Professional Edition, you will find a file named ni-cds-professional_xx_online.exe. This is an application that manages the download process. 


  • Begin the download and installation process. 


    1. Go to the .exe file that was downloaded and launch it. To do this, double-click on it.

    2. Accept the pop-out window. Then, NI Package Installer will launch. 

    3. A new window will appear with the NI License Agreement, proceed and accept it, then click Next

Multisim Installation: Software License Agreements
  1. In case your PC has Windows Fast Startup enabled, proceed to Disable Windows Fast Startup. 

Multisim Installation: Disable Windows Fast Startup to continue
  1. Follow the instructions of the NI Package Installer, you will see the installation progress bar. 

Multisim Installation: Progress bar
  1. Once the installation is complete, reboot the computer. 

  2. The installation of Multisim is now complete, proceed and activate the product with the different methods available. Visit Activate NI Software Products to find a guide for activation. 

Launching Multisim




You can now launch Multisim from the start menu under Program Files (x86) » National Instruments » Circuit Design Suite xx.x.