Linking Teststand and LabVIEW Variables

Updated Apr 12, 2023



  • LabVIEW
  • TestStand

How do I pass data between variables I have in my LabVIEW steps, and variables I've created in TestStand?

Once you've linked your applicable variables to your connector pane in LabVIEW, and created a step in TestStand with your VI, press the 'Module' tab under 'Step Settings for Action'. If your VI isn't loaded, click the 'Reload VI Prototype' on the right hand side. You should now see the variable names in your LabVIEW VI that you connected to your Connector Pane. Assuming you have already created your corresponding variables in TestStand , in the column that says Value, type your variable name that you created in TestStand. If it matches a variable in the variable pane, it will auto-populate the correct format, including the variable type (Local, Parameter, FileGlobal) for TestStand to read and write.