Use DIAdem to Save Files in File Formats Other Than TDM and TDMS

Updated Apr 1, 2024



  • DIAdem

I want to share data with users that don't have LabVIEW installed and don't have access to the TDM Import Excel Add-In utility. I found a DataPlugin for the format I want to save to. How can I use this in DIAdem to save files other than TDM or TDMS?

  1. Find a DataPlugin that uses your desired file format at .
    • If a DataPlugin doesn't exist, you can request for NI to build one.
    • Ensure that your DataPlugin has both Read/Write control. Many DataPlugins are Read only to get data into DIAdem but cannot be used to export data to other file formats.
  2. Download the DataPlugin.
    • Some are self-extracting installers that will download and install automatically. Run the .exe application to install.
    • Some are stored as .uri files, double click the .uri file to register the DataPlugin, see Installing a VBScript DataPlugin for more information.
  3. Open DIAdem. Clear your Data Portal using the Delete Internal Data button from the Navigator or the top of the Data Portal in DIAdem 2017+.
  4. Load the desired data you want to convert into the Data Portal.
  5. Click Save TDM File As. You should see an option under Save as type for your desired file format if the DataPlugin was written with Read/Write access.

Additional Information

You can script this process using the function DataFileSave(). To find the FileExportFilter parameter, use Recording Mode and save a file using the above process. This will add a DataFileSave() function to your script with the correct FileExportFilter variable.