In CompactRIO System, Configuring Quarter Bridge with NI 9237

Updated Feb 15, 2023



  • NI-9237
  • NI-9944
  • NI-9945

I have physically connected a quarter bridge to either an NI 9944 or NI 9945 following the steps in Configuring the NI 9944 or NI 9945 with the NI 9237. However, the reading is still inaccurate. Do I have to configure anything in order to read the signal correctly?

The NI 9944/9945 has a half-bridge circuit inside. Therefore, Half-Bridge Completion must be enabled in order to measure a quarter-bridge circuit on a CompactRIO system correctly.

To enable Half-Bridge Completion:
  1. Right-click the NI 9237 in the Project Explorer window and select Properties.
  2. Select Enable Half-Bridge Completion on the channel connected to the NI 9944 or NI 9945, as shown in the screenshot below.