Configuring a Quarter Bridge with NI-9237 in a cRIO System

Updated Sep 18, 2023



  • NI-9237
  • NI-9944
  • NI-9945
  • NI-9926

I have physically connected a quarter bridge sensor to either an NI-9926, NI-9944, or NI-9945 following the steps in Connecting Strain Gauges to NI-9237 Using Accessories NI-9926/9944/9955. The reading is still inaccurate - Do I have to configure anything else in order to set the acquisition correctly?

The NI-9926/9944/9945 has a half-bridge circuit inside. Therefore, Half-Bridge Completion must be enabled in order to measure a quarter-bridge circuit on a cRIO system correctly.

To enable Half-Bridge Completion:
  1. Right-click the NI-9237 in the Project Explorer window and select Properties.
  2. Check Enable Half-Bridge Completion on the channels connected to the NI-9926, NI-9944, or NI-9945, as shown in the screenshot below.
cRIO and Gauges.png