Register Products to MyNI User Account

Updated Feb 28, 2023

Registering serial numbers to your account helps to ensure that you have access to all NI services and products to which you are entitled. This tutorial walks you through registering your serial number on your NI user account.

  1. Find the serial number of your NI product. You can find your serial number from NI License Manager, Volume License Manager, hardware label or system tag.
    • Your serial number must be linked with your account registration email address.
    • If any issues arise, contact to check which email address is linked to your serial number.
  2. Go to and log in/create an account.
  1.  Click My Account.


  1. Under Products & Services, click View my products.
  1. Under Register a Product, add your Serial Number and press Register.

The serial number is added under your account, but it may temporarily show as Not Registered. After 24 hours, the system should refresh and show the serial number will be registered. If your serial number is still not shown as registered after 24 hours, contact


The product shows "Select Action" after your registration success.


Next Steps

Once you have registered your serial number, you can access the services you are entitled to based on your service contract. This can included online training for the products associated with your service contract, access to previous versions of your software, and/or access to NI Technical Support.