Downloading the Correct Driver for The GPIB-USB-HS(+)

Updated May 27, 2022





  • NI-488.2

I am using the GPIB-USB-HS or GPIB-USB-HS+ cable. What driver do I need and where can I find it?

NI GPIB hardware uses the NI-488.2 driver. Follow the steps below to identify and download a compatible driver version. 
  1. To identify a compatible driver version, you need to cross-reference driver support with the following:

For additional support information and considerations, please reference the Readme for the NI-488.2 version. 
  1. After identifying a compatible driver version, download it from the NI-488.2 Download page. If you need to download NI-488.2 17.0 or earlier, please refer to How to Download NI-488.2 Drivers Prior to 17.6.