Include NI Licensing When Creating Computer Image

Updated May 1, 2023

You can create and clone a master PC image with NI software installed and licensed to deploy to all machines. 

Depending on the license configuration you have implemented at your site, your image will either require activation or use a license server if on a Volume License Agreement. The two methods below explain how to configure licensing that will persist upon deployment.

VLA Method: Using a Network License Server 

You can configure the PC image to check out licenses from a volume license server if your company has a Volume License Agreement (VLA) with NI. For more information on using a volume license server, see NI Volume License Program.  

When configuring your image computer, enable Volume License Server Access. After deploying the image, the client computers will check out licenses from the volume license server.


Local Licensing Method

You can activate local licenses on the PC image so that the license files will remain activated upon deployment of the image.  

This solution requires generation of a computer ID based on a disk volume serial number rather than a MAC Address.

  • Note: You must request this computer ID from NI. The ability to use this method is evaluated on a case-by-case basis.  

Follow steps in How to Change Which Part of my Computer’s Hardware is Used for NI Software Activation to obtain your disk volume serial number. Then, reach out to NI to request a new computer ID that can be used for activation.

You must ensure that the disk volume serial number set during the imaging process always remains the same; otherwise, licenses will no longer remain activated.