Finding Unique NI Computer ID for Activation and Licensing

Updated Oct 11, 2022



  • NI License Manager

NI Product Activation uses the Computer ID of a computer to uniquely identify it.

A Computer ID is a 16-character value that uniquely identifies your computer and is specific to NI Product Activation. The Computer ID is typically generated for your device upon the first installation of NI software. (Note: The Computer ID is not the same as the Windows Product ID.)

This document describes how you can find your Computer ID within NI License Manager. 


  1. Launch NI License Manager.
  2. Select Computer Information
  3. The computer ID is displayed under the computer name.

Note: On older versions of NI License Manager (prior to version 4.0), click on Display Computer Information (F7 key).


Next Steps

You may use the Computer ID to generate an activation code and Activate NI Software Without Internet Connection.