How Can I Log Data Using the VeriStand UI Manager?

Updated Jun 2, 2023



  • VeriStand

I use the VeriStand UI Manager to start several Real-Time Sequences.
I need to log data on each sequence but I can't start the logging in a sequence.

How can I log data using the VeriStand UI Manager?

There are two solutions for this:
  • You can use the Logging Specification: you define the condition to start logging data and be sure to start the logging specification before you start the sequence. Please follow this link to know how to configure the Logging Specification : Logging Data with UI Manager
  • You can use the Embedded Data Logger Custom Device. This custom device starts to log data when the trigger channel is set to TRUE:

So in your Real-Time Sequence, you must add a parameter, linked to this channel to start and stop the logging.
Here is a link explaining how to declare a variable in a sequence: Declaring Variables in a Real-Time Sequence

Additional Information

Please follow this link to know how you can add the Embedded Data Logger to your VeriStand project: Logging Target Data with the Embedded Data Logger