NI-DCPower Sample by Sample Triggered Acquisition

Updated Jun 5, 2023

Issue Details

I am using the NI-DCPower driver API to acquire a signal. I would like to measure one sample each time a trigger is received, how can I obtain this result ?


The following example is based on a shipped example named niDCPower Configure Digital Edge Measure Trigger .vi
If you cannot open it because of the LabVIEW version, you can adapt the example as shown in the picture below (this picture is a snippet)

    Additional Information

    Things that has been modified : 
    1. Measure Record Length as been set to 1
    2. Measure When as been set to On Measure Trigger
    3. VI niDCPower Configure Trigger added and configured as Measure Trigger
    4. Measure Record Length is Finite set to True