How to Wire with DAQmx Device Using Connection Diagram

Updated Apr 11, 2023



  • NI-DAQmx

  • Ground pins(GND, AI SENS, COM) are available by type according to terminal mode(Differential, NRSE, RSE). Please tell me which pin I need to wire.
  •  For strain measurements, can you tell me how to connect the bridge circuit to the sensor? Is there any reference? 

Most DAQmx devices provide Connection Diagram in NI-MAX. This diagram illustrates how the wires should be aligned to the module, measurement type, and pin map. And it can be checked by creating NI-DAQmx Task. For Overview, please refer to the following documents: Using Connection Diagrams for NI-DAQmx Tasks - Tutorial

for example, Steps for verifying the connection diagram in voltage measurement module 9202 is as follows.
  • Select module to be used in NI-MAX (NI-MAX >>My System>>Device and Interfaces>>NI-9202)
  • Click the Create Task..
  • Choose the proper measurement type(NI 9202: Voltage) on the window
  • Choose the specific channel to be used. You can select multiple channels with the keys (shift or Ctrl). 
  • Click Finish button.
  • The generated task is listed at the bottom of the NI-DAQmx task. Select Connection Diagram at the bottom.

Additional Information

Connection Diagram does not support all DAQmx devices. If there is no DAQmx device, you can also create a Simulated DAQmx device to check. See the NI-DAQmx Simulated Devices tutorial .