Remove the NI license agreement from the installer you built

Updated Nov 11, 2020



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I have created my own installer for applications created with National Instruments (NI) software products. I want to remove the NI End User License Agreements (EULA) from the software I created. How can I do this?

You must comply with Section 12 of the NI Software License Agreement before removing the NI License Agreement from the installer. In particular, if you want to distribute the runtime engine or driver software with the application you are distributing, distribute either the NI Software License Agreement or a similar customized Software License Agreement to your end users with the following restrictions: You need to agree.

  1. Reverse engineer, decompile, or disassemble the software (except to the extent that these restrictions are expressly prohibited by applicable law).
  2. Sublicensing, leasing, or renting the Software
  3. Distribution of all or part of the Software, creation of modifications or derivatives, or distribution of applications created using the Software (except as expressly permitted in this Agreement).
  4. Modify, modify, or supplement driver interface software for use with NI hardware with additional code (except for configuration purposes only)
  5. Export, reexport, download or ship the Software, whether directly or indirectly, in violation of US law and the laws of the country in which you use or download the Software.

Not all NI EULAs can be deleted. You need to review the NI EULA that applies to your NI software to see if you can remove the NI EULA and what you need to do to remove it. (For software licensed under the NI General Software License Agreement, see Section 12B of the NI Software License Agreement ).

In any case, the Third Party Software shall be subject to the terms of the license agreement applicable to such Third Party Software. You must also comply with all the requirements of the applicable third-party software license agreement. Includes restrictions on the passage of such license agreements related to the distribution of third-party software that may be permitted.

Once you have verified that you are in compliance with the NI license agreement, you can remove the NI license agreement file from the installer by following these steps:

  1. Open the setup.ini file created by the installer.
  2. Go to the Files section in the file.
  3. Delete the lines related to the NI Released License Agreement , such as:
    LicenseTextFile0009 = NI; Licenses \ NI Released License Agreement --English.rtf

If you do not have an end-user license agreement to display, you can hide the license dialog by making the following settings.

  1. In setup.ini go to the Dialogs section.
  2. Set License and License 2 to 0.

    License = 0
    License2 = 0