Voltage or Custom Measurements with an IEPE Sensor in FlexLogger

Updated Sep 27, 2023



  • NI-9234


  • FlexLogger


  • NI-DAQmx

I work with IEPE sensors and I can use them to take IEPE based measurements like Acceleration, Pressure, Force and Sound Pressure with no issues. However, I have one of the following scenarios:
  • I want to use them to measure unscaled voltage with my IEPE sensor.
  • I have an IEPE sensor for a physical measurement not available in FlexLogger.

I can select Voltage as the Sensor Class, but the sensor does not work because there is no option to enable the IEPE excitation.

Follow the steps below to setup an IEPE voltage or custom measurement. 
  1.  Open the Channel Specification window for the desired channel.
  2. Set the Physical Measurement field to Custom.
  3. Set the Sensor Class field to IEPE. This will enable the AC Coupling and IEPE excitation automatically.
  4. Set the Custom UnitCustom Unit Abbreviation and Sensitivity to the appropriate values. For voltage, you can the sensitivity to 1V/V.
The screenshot below illustrates the result of following the previous steps with an IEPE accelerometer configured for Voltage measurement.